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Personal Health Coverage Options in Texas


Most people get their health insurance through the plans provided by their employers. Usually, the employer pays part of the monthly cost (premium), so this is the best strategy. But what if you still can’t afford it, or if you become ineligible or lose employment? 
           The world of health insurance is complex and varied. Here we’ll try to simplify the options so you can make an educated choice without confusion on what kind of coverage you’re getting. Visit the Texas Dept. of Insurance consumer links below and download our personal coverage guide!


  1. ACA Qualified Major Medical Health Insurance Plans (commonly referred to as Obamacare)
  1. ShortTerm Medical
    • Can purchase any time for coverage terms 30-360 days; must qualify with good health
    • Limitations on coverage for Preventative services, pre-existing conditions, prescriptions, office/clinic visits, etc.  
    • United Health One (AKA Golden Rule) is a strong choice for this type of coverage. Check your rates by visiting our site: https://www.uhone.com/shop/#/census?brokerid=AA4835943
  1. Custom Renewable, Limited Benefit Plans
    • Can purchase any time, policies may be renewable for life or to age 65, avoiding the annual application process
    • Structured to address your key concerns, benefits are for named needs and specified amounts
    • Can include limitations on coverage for preventative services, pre-existing conditions, prescriptions, office/clinic visits, etc.
  1. Cost Sharing Organizations, Faith-Based Ministries & Cooperatives
    • Not (contractual) insurance coverage
    • Limited (or no) coverage for Preventative services, pre-existing conditions prescriptions, etc.
    • Recommend combining with an underlying policy that addresses your specific concerns (ie. Accidents, critical illness, etc.) 
  1. Direct/Concierge/Subscription based Primary Care
    • Purchase direct access care with one provider or clinic group for basic/minor care
    • May include some limitations for pre-existing conditions
    • Does not include coverage for hospital/surgical expenses
    • You may know a local doctor operating this way, or we can make a recommendation
    • A TeleHealth Plan like the one below can be a quick, simple solution

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